Product Marketing and Retail Analytics

Social media has taken over as the go to medium for how businesses interact with consumers. In this constantly connected world we now live in, it’s crucial that your business be able to reach and retain consumers through various channels of connectivity. The 7 P’s of marketing rarely change, but the way in which you deliver those P’s, is ever changing.

With HMS, you will not feel left behind, as we monitor the quick and constant changes of technology and the integration of technology into marketing and analytics. HMS has the wherewithal to implement robust marketing strategies and enable the 7 P’s to work for you instead of against you. We legitimize clients’ businesses by mastering the basics of marketing, while building on top of that strong foundation to carry out cutting edge and creative marketing tactics. Our team is highly regarded for performing these services:

  • Analyzing retail data, how to use it to your advantage
  • To promote your firms message and business through all mediums of communication
  • How to engage and retain consumers through social media
  • Implementing cutting edge technology into the basics of marketing
  • The ability to use analytics and technology to remain agile and competitive in the complex consumer market